A quick tutorial on how to use Brick Fonts

Brick is an open source Webfont project that serves beautiful and fast loading Webfonts, which were converted without modification to WOFF format in order to keep their quality.

They're easy to use and can be added to a Salon.io Site very quickly.

First Step:
Choose the fonts from http://brick.im/fonts that you'd like to use and add them into your 'Font Bucket'. 

Clicking 'Font Bucket' gives you the option to pick font-weights and styles. You'll also get a generated code that you'll have to copy to your HTML.

Second Step:
Paste the code into your global HTML:

Third Step:
Go to your CSS and assign the fonts and weights. To make sure the right weight is given, add an !important to the line.

For my purpose i'm using 'Cardo' and 'Source Code Pro'. Add the correct names of the fonts you are using instead.

And that's it!