User Stories #4: SIDAS

Sidas is a german illustrator and contemporary artist. We asked him some questions about his work, background and future plans.

How long have you been working as an illustrator?
i studied four years visual design. after like two years of studying i started taking comissions, so now i am working for three years as an illustrator.

Your work seems to have influences in both illustration and street-art, what are your influences? 
i come from sketching and painting so my background will always be illustration but i fell in love with spraypaint. it is the fastest way of painting and it allows me to put my work on all kinds of surfaces which in general is way more interesting for me than painting a canvas where i can control the whole environment.

Is there anything you'd love to do sometime?
i really want to paint a truck in each big city that gets around. you have a truck? call me. i´d also love to paint a shipwreck or an old planewreck or some rotten glashouse.

Are you planning any exhibitions this year?
yes. me and my crew member esze from the very famous ate-crew are planning our second solo exhibition by the end of octobre this year at hessische staatsgaleriein wiesbaden.